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My Services

I offer and have experience in the following services. My clients include government agencies, businesses and private individuals.

Turkish Interpreting

I provide Turkish - English interpreting service during the face-to-face assignments. I have extensive experience in interpreting at:

  • Legal Interpreting such as Courts of law such as Magistrates', Crown, Civil, Employment, Immigration Tribunals, Family Courts, for insurance matters, local authorities, Social Services, Trading Standards; road traffic accidents, industrial claims, holiday sickness claims as instructed by claimants, respondents, defence & prosecution solicitors, Crown Prosecution Service
  • Medical Interpreting such as NHS and Private hospitals, clinics, GPs and expert witness assessments

Turkish - English Translation

I offer English - Turkish translation service in the both directions. Typical translation requests that I handle include:

  • Translation of legal and court case files, witness statements, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas, correspondence letters, school letters/reports/grades, bank statements
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Sight-translation Translation

Where the written translation of a short document is not required, it may be more suitable to verbally translate the text either face-to-face or over the phone. Such scenarios may include:

  • Sight-translation of letters of instructions, confirmation of an appointment/trial/hearing dates/times, case summaries, claims or witness statements, communication of business directions or instructions such as orders, amendments, request for updates etc.
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Audio or Video Transcription

Transcription is the process of transferring speech from audio format to text format. In this process, the speech from an audio or video source is listened to and then typed, as it is spoken, into a written format along with time-codes to guide the reader to where in the audio the text refers. If required a greater level of detail may be covered in this task to include thing like the environment noises. The time it takes to transcribe a speech can greatly vary depending several factors such as the length of the recording, number of speakers, speed of discussions, interruptions, quality of the recording, therefore it is not easy to estimate time or cost before listening to the audio.

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Proofreading and Checking Translation

Proofreading or checking translation of either a translated document on its own, or assessing it againts the source document for any translation or grammar errors.

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