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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for translation?

The cost depends on a several things such as the number of words in the source document, subject-matter, any formatting, styling or presentation requirements, how urgent it is, whether a certificate of translation is required. Therefore, it is best to see the documents to be translated or at least a good cross-section of it before I can give you a quotation and time-estimate.

Do I have to send the documents to you in the post?

No. Most of the time, a good electonic copy of the document via email or WhatsApp is enough for me to work with. If the finished documents require signature, stamp or certificate then I will need to post it to you.

Can you travel to ... ?

I am happy to travel as far as required. Venues further than certain distances or those with difficult transport options will sometimes require overnight stay.

Is your translation accepted by the UK authorities?

Yes, my qualifications are recognised by the UK authorities and government departments such as the Home Office, so they accept my work.

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Does it matter if somebody doesn't have any formal qualifications as long as they can speak the required language?

It does. Language interpreting, unlike a physical work such as driving or building whose outcome is evident, isn't visibly obvious when it is not done correctly. Somebody can display a great level of confidence or indeed speak one or two languages fluently, but the accuracy of their work will remain hidden from the client unless they too can understand both the languages. In this respect, it is a great risk to the service user and the client to assume that anybody can interpret since they aren't visibly struggling.

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Is the Turkish language spoken by Turkish Cypriots different to those from Turkey?

Turkish language spoken by people who are from North Cyprus is only slightly different in terms of accent and certain words. Both nations can comfortably understand one another.

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What is the difference between interpreting and translation?

Interpreting is the linguistic conversion of the language orally while translation is in writing. Interpreters often have to work between the two languages and rarely refer to dictionaries due to time-pressure while translators will work from one source and into one target language per any one job while often referring to dictionaries and other research material for the best possible rendition.

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Do you work in other languages, too?

I only offer Turkish language services, however if required I can put you in contact my other colleagues if I know someone.

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